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HHSRS Worked Examples


These examples are the opinions of a group of over 20 housing practitioners in the East Midlands. They represent the current state of judgement and practice amongst those officers and are not intended as model answers but are offered for peer review.

HHSRS Worked examples 

Example 1 Crowding and Space [71kb]

Example 10 Falls on Stairs [394kb]

Example 2 Falls on the Level[323kb]

Example 11 Excess Cold [489kb]

Example 3 Falls associated with Stairs and Steps

Example 12 Asbestos [380kb]

Example 4 Internal Stairs [288kb]

Example 13 Falls on Stairs - internal[482kb]

Example 5 Falls between Levels [371kb]

Example 14 Falls on Sairs - external [711kb]

Example 6 Excess Cold [121kb]

Example 15 Food safety [431kb]

Example 7 Entry by Intruders [120kb]

Example 16 Electrical [300kb]

Example 8 Food Safety [113kb]

Example 17 Structural Collapse [211kb]

Example 9 Structural Collapse [199kb]

Example 18 Damp and Mould [475kb]


Please note: These examples do not form any degree of national standard and have not been accepted as law, therefore regional variations are possible. Compliance with all relevant laws should be sought from the local authority or local fire service before implementing any fire safety standard.

Further Worked Examples:

West of England –

Excess Cold =   Download   

Lead = Download  

Crowding & Space = Download    

Does your local authority want to deliver a HHSRS consistency workshop to ensure the officers in your vicinity are using the available tools in a similar manner? If so contact DASH on 01332 641111 for information on our packages.

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