DASH Services

Shared services deliver numerous benefits, particularly with increasing pressures to reduce costs and do more for less.

DASH Shared Services

Local Authorities are under pressure to continue to provide and improve services whilst watching their budgets grow smaller year on year.

A major report into local authorities sharing services has quantified the benefits and feasibility of joining forces to save money.

The report commissioned by the LGA and produced by Drummond MacFarlane, provides detailed analysis of five high-profile shared service arrangements. It is the first to provide a detailed insight into the scale of savings that have been achieved through sharing back office functions like IT and legal, and teaming up to deliver frontline services like waste disposal and road maintenance.

DASH offers a variety of joint services including research, government consultation leads, local letting agencies, ACCREDITATION, training provision etc.. by offering these services across a number of different local authorities economies of scale can be achieved.

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