DASH Services

"We want everyone to have the
 opportunity to live in a safe, warm, secure, good quality home"

Linda Cobb OBE DASH Services Principal Manager

About DASH Services

DASH Services is a Private Rented Sector service for Local Authorities, Landlords & Tenants and is hosted by Derby City Council on behalf of numerous Council across England

DASH aims to improve housing conditions in the Private rented Sector (PRS).

Led by Linda Cobb OBE the DASH team is forward thinking, hard working and passionate about helping Landlords and Local Authorities in the PRS

The service has operated successfully across the East Midlands region for almost 20 years, providing a valuable, low cost, service for local authorities and a place for Landlords to gain useful information to aid their businesses.

Due to the strategic nature and success, DASH has developed much further afield over recent years and is now a leading provider of PRS advice, information and guidance and is now open to Local authorites outside the East Midlands.

DASH regularly contributes to National Government policy, stakeholder engagement events and shares their expertise in the PRS with leading stakeholders.

Originally established in response to the introduction of the Housing Act 2004, by forward thinking councils, DASH was set up to provide support services to local authorities in undertaking their statutory duties; however the remit and geographical area has expanded to adapt to the changing housing markets in which we now find ourselves.

DASH have various 'arms' of the service including a popular Landlord Accreditation scheme, a national training programme for housing professionals, an upstream homeless prevention arm named Call Before You Serve (CB4YS) and a Supported Exempt Accommodation intervention team.

DASH continues to evolve so if you are embarking on a new project, looking to adapt the way you work in the PRS or want to talk about our services then please get in touch with our Principal Manager Linda Cobb OBE on 01332 640324 or via her  email Linda.cobb@derby.gov.uk

If you, in the unlikely event, that you have a complaint about any aspect of DASH Services that you wish to discuss with us please refer to our  Complaints Procedure

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