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General News Updates

  • The Renters (Reform) Bill

    What is it?

    It is a Bill to make provision to change the law about rented homes.

    It is a public bill presented to Parliament by Government.

    The Bill was Introduced to the House of Commons & … more

  • Pets !

    Your tenant, may find themselves yearning for the companionship of a furry friend to make their house feel like a home.

    But can you, as a landlord, prevent them from keeping a pet?

    Understanding … more

  • Landlords & Energy - A listing of available actions

    Following an enquiry Nottingham City Council recieved at a recent landlord event they have pulled together a listing of things for landlords to do now or watch out for (ECO+):

    Te Listing includes:& … more

  • Damp & Mould - useful guides

    Struggling to discuss the issue of Damp & Mould within your rental properties with your tenants ?

    Why not share with them this usual video 

    Mouldy Matters - avoiding condensation and mould … more

  • Notts City Council Licensing Scheme Update

    24.02.23 - NCC have received a purported objection to the Council’s 2019/20 accounts in relation to the scheme for Selective Licensing of private landlords in the City & therefore an … more

  • Help available for South Kesteven Residents

    See below some useful information from South Kesteven Council re: what help is available for residents during the Cost of Living crisis.  For landlords and also to pass onto your tenants  … more

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