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Wondering how NCC's Selective Licensing is doing?

Nottingham City Council launched one of the largest Selective Licensing on 1st August 2018 and it is due to run to July 2023.  

The Council's Selective Licensing team has carried out its mid-scheme review which you can access via this link: selective-licensing-mid-scheme-review.pdf (nottinghamcity.gov.uk)

It was good to see that the report recvognises the impact our very own DASH accreditation scheme has had in the city during this period with over 1300 inspections undertaken which allowed us to help our landlords remove or reduce over 1000 hazards within their properties 

We hope landlords continue to work with both DASH and Unipol til 2023 and beyond 

To join DASH click here: https://www.dashservices.org.uk/Accreditation/Apply-to-be-a-member


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