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What should I be doing as a landlord in regard to social distancing?

The principal aim of the government's public health measures to combat the virus are to limit the number of contacts between members of the community. Throughout the period of controls being in place you will need to ensure:

  • Avoid gatherings of more than two people from separate households (for example do not attend with your tradesperson should a repair be necessary).

  • Carry out "Right to Rent" checks by requesting tenants to submit electronic copies of their documents or video call the prospective tenant and ask them to hold the documents up to the camera so you can check them. Record this as an adjusted check due to COVID-19 and record the date. The advice in full can be found here .

  • Check with your tenant to see if they have been requested to shield as they belong to a high risk group who are at a greater risk from the virus. Persons belonging to these high risk groups have been advised strongly by the NHS to limit social contacts and careful thought will be required as to the necessity for anyone to visit the property. Doncaster Council is working with volunteers to operate a community hub who can assist with things including food and medical supplies, a check in service for isolated members of the community and linking in with other key services. 

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