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Update on Possession / Evictions Rules in the UK

On 12th May 2021 the UK Government published new rules for possession in England from 1 June, marking the first step in ending emergency measures.

The old restrictions set up during the pandemic will be tapering down – with an end to the ban on enforcement of possession, and default notice periods reducing for both Section 8 and Section 21 from six to four months.

The announcement outlined:

From 1 June 2021:

  • Enforcement of possession by county court bailiffs and high court enforcement officers will be allowed in all cases, although they will be asked not to enforce where a tenant is self-isolating or has Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Any notice periods currently set at six months – for both Section 8 and Section 21 – will reduce to four months, with ground 7 (death of a tenant) and 7B (Right to Rent breach) reducing to pre-Covid levels.
  • The definition of ‘serious rent arrears’ – which enables access to a four week notice period under Section 8 grounds 8, 10 and 11 – will reduce from six months’ to four months’ rent.

From 1 August 2021:

  • The notice period for ‘non-serious’ arrears - i.e. less than four months arrears - will reduce to two months’ notice.

From 1 October 2021  (Subject to the public health advice and progress with the Roadmap)

  • All extended notice periods will revert to pre-Covid levels, for both Section 8 and Section 21.

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