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Understanding the possession action process: guidance doc - (UPDATED 11.01.2021)

Government guidance for landlords and tenants in the private rented sectors explaining the possession action process in the county courts has been updated.


Please take a look at the guidance document Guidance Document


One of the main changes is that:


Renters in England will continue to be protected from eviction during this new national lockdown period. The government is extending existing legislation to ensure bailiffs do not serve eviction notices, except in the most serious circumstances. These circumstances are illegal occupation, false statement, anti-social behaviour, perpetrators of domestic abuse in the social sector, where a property is unoccupied following death of a tenant and serious rent arrears greater than 6 months’ rent. This legislation will be in place for at least six weeks until the end of 21 February 2021 and will be kept under review.


If you are struggling managing your tenancy during the pandemic, have a tenant who is in arrears or causing ASB or just need a friendly ear to bounce some ideas off don’t forget DASH runs their amazing free CALL B4 YOU SERVE (CB4YS) Landlord service – why not give us a call 01332 641408.

In addition we are hosting a number of online landlord forums where you can ask the experts any questions you may have – get in touch linda.cobb@derby.gov.uk for dates and booking information.

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