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The Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service

The Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service (HLPAS) has launched on 1st August across England and Wales.

HLPAS is a government funded (legal aid) scheme, providing free legal advice and representation to people facing the loss of their home.

You can read the full press release on gov.uk, here.

To access this support, people will need to provide a HLPAS advisor with evidence that someone is seeking possession of their home.

This might be a written notice of possession from their landlord or a letter from a creditor.

The HLPAS advisor can then provide legal advice on how the person might improve their situation.

This advice could help the person to prevent the loss of their home.

 Help is available for problems including:


  • rent and mortgage arrears
  • disrepair and other housing conditions
  • illegal eviction
  • welfare benefits payments
  • debt


More information on HLPAS, including a link to a directory of providers, can be found below: 

HLPAS Leaflet

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