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Landlords be Vigilant

In recent months Derbyshire, as well as the rest of the country, has seen an increase in the number of rented properties – both commercial and domestic – being used to house cannabis grows.

These grows cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to the properties in which they are based and can pose a serious risk to the public due to the bypassing of the electrical supply.

A number of those involved in cannabis grows are foreign nationals – many of whom are not able to legally rent a property in the UK. If you rent a property to someone who is not legally able to rent a property then you run the risk of a five-year prison sentence and an unlimited fine.

The attached leaflet provides you with information that will help you ensure that you are obeying the law and ensuring that your property is not at risk of serious damage. If you need further support then you can contact our specialist officers at ilo@derbyshire.police.uk.

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Yours faithfully, Charlie Lewis, Derbyshire Police

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