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How safe is your tenant's work from home setup?

Electrical Safety First finds many people working from home due to pandemic may be overloading sockets, daisy-chaining and charging devices on beds

As huge numbers of people working from home adapt to a new working routine, many may be putting themselves at unnecessary risk due to unsafe electrical setups and practices, a Charity is warning.

Research conducted by consumer safety charity Electrical Safety First has looked into the dangers to which a nation of newly remote workers may be unknowingly exposing themselves.

With increased use of electrical equipment in many homes such as work laptops, tablets, phones and heaters, a new survey by the Charity has found more than two thirds of those currently working from home are using extension leads or adaptors with the electronic device they’re working on[1] and 38 per cent of them have more appliances plugged into one than they usually would.[2]  

Worryingly, more than 1 in 3 are either unaware of the risks of overloading plug sockets or how to check whether they’re doing so.[3] By using extension leads and adaptors to plug additional devices into a socket, there is a danger that they could be overloaded, creating a fire risk. .... to read more click this link: 


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