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Find out more about the new Charnwood's new licensing schemes

Landlords in Charnwood are invited to a virtual forum to find out about the implementation of two new licensing schemes.


The borough Council will be introducing two different licensing schemes for private landlords. The aim is to improve the quality of privately rented accommodation and reduce its impact on the community.


The online event will be held via Microsoft Teams on Tuesday November 9 at 10am and people can sign up online.


Landlords will be able to find out more about each of the licensing schemes, the applications process as well as ask any questions.


The event will be facilitated by DASH Landlord Accreditation.


HMO Licensing is a borough-wide scheme for any house in multiple occupation (HMO) which does not already hold a mandatory licence and is occupied by three or four unrelated persons.


Selective Licensing in the Hastings and Lemyngton wards in Loughborough focuses on privately rented accommodation and aims to improve standards. Selective Licensing requires all landlords operating within the two wards to licence their property.


There are a range of conditions for each licence which will last for five years.

Landlords will be responsible for paying for the licence and any income generated from the fees will only be used to cover the scheme’s running costs.


The Council is looking to introduce the licensing schemes early next year.

The forum will include representatives from the borough council, DASH, property owners and landlords and the National Residential Landlords Association.


The Council has held two consultations over the past two years on the licensing schemes and then the licence conditions.


To sign up to the free forum, please visit the Eventbrite page.

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