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Charnwood Borough Council Licensing conditions consultation webinar / Slides

As you will remember from our live webinar in Oct 2020 Charnwood Borough Council carried out a consultation to introduce two different licensing schemes for private landlords which has now ended.

The aim is to improve the quality of privately-rented accommodation and reduce its impact on the local community.

One licensing scheme is for any house in multiple occupation (HMO) which does not already hold a mandatory licence; the other focuses on privately-rented accommodation within a designated area and aims to improve standards.

‘Additional licensing’ will require HMO landlords not covered by the mandatory scheme to apply for a licence. This scheme will cover all HMOs occupied by three or more unrelated persons and buildings converted into self-contained flats where they are occupied by tenants.

The second ‘selective licensing’ scheme requires all landlords operating within a designated area to licence their property. The Council is looking initially to introduce this scheme in the Hastings and Lemyngton wards in Loughborough.

There will be a range of conditions attached to each of the proposed licences which will last for five years.

Charnwood Council carried out a consultation webinar re: the proposed licensing conditions. The consultation ends on 26th Feb 2021 and we urge you to complete the survey: https://www.charnwood.gov.uk/pages/licence_conditions_for_selective_licensing_consultation_frequently_asked_questions & https://www.charnwood.gov.uk/pages/licence_conditions_for_additional_licensing_consultation

If you missed the 'live' session you can access the slide here:  Slides

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