DASH Services

Shared services deliver numerous benefits, particularly with increasing pressures to reduce costs and do more for less.

DASH Shared Services

One of the key aims of DASH Services is to promote efficiency; one way to achieve this is to harness expertise already available within the sector.

DASH works with a wide range of associates to provide a sound and effective knowledge base on all aspects of the PRS.

Our team provides a consultancy service both on a strategic and practical basis. If you are looking, for example, to commission a new service, write/review a strategy or tackle your inspection backlog, we have experts at hand who will ensure that the final product is cost effective, fit for purpose and incorporates the latest developments in Industry-wide best practice.


DASH have been praised in 2020 for improving the private rented sector - read more Improving the private rented sector: Derby City Council | Local Government Association

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