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Fire Risk Assessment Toolkit

Fire Risk Assessment template 

Landlords are required to assess the risk of fire in each of their rental properties – but some landlords do not know where to start and find it rather daunting leading to total avoidance so landlords with lower risk properties may wish to use the DASH guide to assist them.

Our friends at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service have

some really useful fire risk assessment information on their website and they offer a free workshop and example forms and reports so worth a look around their site -


The NLA have also commissioned a Fire Risk Assessment Template -http://www.landlords.org.uk/sites/default/files/librarypdfs/1/Fire_Safety_Overview/NLA_Fire_Safety_Logbook.pdf

Landlords who own larger, high risk properties, often choose to seek external professional help from a range of companies who operate in this field.

The London Fire service have also issued some useful guidance for landlords and tennats entitled 'Know your Plan' - http://www.knowtheplan.co.uk/

5 Step Guide

Fire Risk Assessment in Sleeping Accommodation



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