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Fuel bill-busting tenants reveal secrets

A couple explained to delegates at the Chartered Institute of Housing conference this week how they managed to cut their domestic gas and electricity bills by more than 50%.

Wayne and Sue Hubbard were invited to the conference in Manchester to help reveal the findings of a new national energy study, which their social landlord, Regenda Group, played an important part in.

Mr and Mrs Hubbard, who live in Limehurst Village, Oldham, monitored their energy use for six months alongside 500 households across the country.

"We have now reduced our gas bill from £66 to £30 a month and our electricity bill has dropped from £44 to £21 a month. We quickly discovered that when you start to monitor your energy use you soon start to save it," Sue told conference delegates.

The Hubbards also had a water meter fitted and began using a water butt to store rainwater.

“It is surprising how much energy and water we all use without really thinking about it. We’ve made some big changes at home and I’ve also become a great believer that if you’re cold you should put a jumper on,” added Sue.

The Regenda Group, which manages 11,000 properties across the North West is investing £5 million in Limehurst Village to help regenerate the local community and encourage residents to help themselves.

The national energy study, conducted by the consultancy Sustainable Homes, was supported by the Regenda Group and 13 other housing associations.

The study concluded that most households can save energy; those who earn the least money appear to use the most power; and 80% of the residents who took part didn’t even know how much they were spending on gas and electricity.

Max Salsbury for 24dash.com

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