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FREE Condensation and Mould Workshops

The Peepul Centre, Orchardson Avenue Leicester LE4 6DP

Condensation generally happens when a property can't deal with normal levels of water vapour because of a lack of insulation, ventilation or heating, or a combination of all.

Condensation can occur anywhere on a wall or cold surface. It may form at the base of wall, or from top to bottom. It can result in mould growth, damage to furniture and belongings and in some cases mite infestation.

There are other types of dampness as well as condensation. These include rising damp, penetrating damp and construction damp.

As a property manager you need to know how to effectively deal with tenant's complaints about condensation and mould. This FREE workshop will help you formulate approaches and outcomes to these problems.

The workshop will cover the causes, outcomes and solutions to condensation and mould focusing on the following key areas:

  • The causes and science behind the problem in  modern homes
  • The effects for tenants and landlords
  • Strategies to manage tenants
  • Non-ventilation solutions-pros and cons
  • Ventilation solutions-pros and cons
  • Followed by open forum

Tuesday 27th November, 6pm-8pm, refreshments availanle from 6pm.

To reserve your place please email giles@empo.co.uk

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