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Fitness for Habitation Legislation- How will it affect landlords

The Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2018 came into force this week (20th March 2018)

This means that from now, landlords (or agents acting on their behalf) in England must ensure their rental property is fit for human habitation, both at the beginning and throughout the tenancy.
However don’t worry landlords have always had to provide safe homes for their tenants this new act just means tenants now have the power to take landlords to court instead of relying on the Local Authority to start proceedings

DASH Services has created a guide on the new Act so for more information click here –   Download

MCLG have also provided some guidance - For all three guides, click here. For the Act itself, click here.

This following DASH video, presented by solicitor Hillary Crook, provides a through breakdown of what landlords can expect of the legislation and how it may affect them.                                                                           


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