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APPG - all party parliamentary group for healthy homes and buildings (White Paper)

Houses and buildings that cause or exacerbate health conditions cost the economy and our society each and every year: in healthy life years, reliance and use of healthcare services, educational attendance and attainment and work productivity and absenteeism. However, it is only by taking a holistic approach to delivering healthy homes and buildings that the real benefits can be realised; otherwise we risk making gains by tackling one issue, simply to lose them again by failing to tackle another. It is essential we continue to strive for energy efficient homes that reduce carbon emissions and energy bills, as well as ensuring that we are reducing the health burden too.


By tackling the numerous health and wellbeing issues in UK homes and buildings, we have a real opportunity to create and use buildings to promote positive health and wellbeing, make savings in healthcare costs, increase educational attainment, improve productivity and allow our citizens to lead

longer, healthier and happier lives.


This White Paper lays out a list of recommendations that detail how, as a nation, healthy homes and buildings can and should be delivered:


The recommendations include the following -


Recommendation 1.6

Investment in services which are critical to ensuring healthy homes should be increased, including funding for greater numbers of Environmental Health Officers to increase enforcement and better training for Building Control Officers.


To read the full recommendations and for more information which you could use to justify the work your service contributes please click this link –



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