DASH Services

"We want everyone to have the
 opportunity to live in a safe, warm, secure, good quality home"

Linda Cobb OBE DASH Services Principal Manager

What our clients say about us

"DASH is a great asset to the East Midlands, it has been and continues to be at the forefront of promoting housing standards.”

“DASH services are easily accessible, and the content is knowledgeable. It helps us to share our experiences with other local authorities.”

“Very useful service to look at best practice and signpost landlords to. Staff very professional, helpful and approachable.”


Our latest survey shows that...

ü  Over 81% of our clients very satisfied with the service that DASH offers

ü  93% say DASH staff are responsive to queries, helpful and professional in their approach

ü  66% agreed that accreditation has made a difference in raising housing standards in their area

ü  70% commented that they saved money via accessing DASH Services

ü  96% of the landlords were happy with the amount of communication they received

ü  66% of respondents agreed accredited landlords provide a better service to their tenants

ü  77% also agreed that accredited landlords are more knowledgeable of their role and responsibilities.


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