DASH Services

"We want everyone to have the
 opportunity to live in a safe, warm, secure, good quality home"

Linda Cobb Project Manager


DASH is an ethical organisation seeking to offer its service to a wider network of public body partners who can work together to promote improved housing conditions in the private sector.

Our values reflect the personality of our service:


·     We are passionate about our work and our social responsibility

·     We work collaboratively with all our stakeholders

·     We are mentors: facilitating, stimulating, empowering, guiding and supporting service improvement.

·     We are supportive, positive and optimistic.

·     We seek solutions, sharing our knowledge and ideas.

·     We are champions of equality, fairness and social inclusion


We aim to develop close, long-term partnerships with our clients, suppliers and the communities in which we live and work; to create mutually beneficial relationships to foster an environment to achieve excellent results.


We aim to be diligent in our commitment to providing outstanding quality and service in understanding and exceeding our customers’ needs.


We aim to constantly seek methods to improve our practices, financial control and knowledge in order to deliver increased value to our clients.


Each Local Authority signs a service level agreement with DASH Services and each landlord signs to adhere to a code of conduct.  In order to ensure our aims and values are met, outstanding service is provided and the service grows, DASH has a Committee of Management (CoM).

Membership of the CoM is designed to cover all elements of the PRS and consists of:

DASH Landlord Accreditation Committee of Management Member

Representing the interests of:

Linda Cobb

DASH Services Manager

John Taylor

Landlord Member

Robert Ginevar

Landlord Member

Nigel Parry

Landlord Member / Agent and EMPO

Helen Mansell

Northamptonshire (based at Northampton Borough Council)

Jane Thomas

Derbyshire (based at Chesterfield Borough council)

Rebecca Short

Leicestershire (based at Charnwood Borough Council)

Phillip Doughty

Chair (based at Newark & Sherwood District Council)

Hannah Cann

Lincolnshire (based at City of Lincoln Council)


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