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"Where we live defines who we are.
Poor housing is linked to poor health and reduces people’s life chances."

Linda Cobb OBE DASH Services Principal Manager

Frequently asked questions - Landlords

  • Who can join?

    Any landlord with private rented sector accommodation in the East Midlands is eligible to join the scheme, providing they have had no legal or civil enforcement action within the last two years, and … more

  • What is DASH Landlord Accreditation?

    DASH Landlord Accreditation is a voluntary accreditation scheme that has been operating since 2008. It is open to landlords in the East Midlands who agree to meet a set of benchmark standards. These … more

  • What is DASH?

    DASH (Decent & Safe Homes) Services is a joint-working initiative with landlords, tenants and Local Authorities, which aims to improve housing conditions in the private rented sector. DASH … more

  • What happens during a DASH inspection?

    DASH will aim to carry out a minimum 10% sample inspection rate of your property list to ensure that you are meeting the Code of Conduct standards.

    A trained verifier will visit the property at a … more

  • How do I renew when my membership expires?

    You will be emailed 2 months before your due date so that you can update your application details, your property list and recommit to the DASH Code of Conduct.

    The renewals process involves& … more

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