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Do You Have a SHERMAN Tenant?

So you have your property with its smoke alarms fitted and it’s all rented out but have you ever thought about the tenant’s vulnerability if there was a fire situation?

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue have come up with a new way to remember at risk tenants with the acronym SHERMAN

SMOKING – cigarettes burn at 700˚C so even one not put out properly could cause a fire. If you think they are smoking in bed it may be wise to add a smoke alarm into this room so if they do drop a cigarette they get the early warning.

HOARDING – having clutter in the property can make any fire burn faster and quicker, it blocks exit routes, it may slow down evacuation and, if extreme, put firefighter’s lives in danger.

ELDERLY or living alone – older people are at a greater risk as they can develop mental health illnesses as well as physical difficulties making them slower to react to a fire situation - as we age some of our senses deteriorate which can affect the awareness of fire or causing a fire.

REDUCED – mobility, hearing or visual impairments can all affect evacuation. In the event of a fire if you have a hard of hearing tenant you will need to fit a specialised smoke alarm system.

MENTAL HEALTH - studies suggest people living with mental health problems are at greater risk of experiencing a domestic fire.

ALCOHOL misuse, drugs/ medication dependencies - these are one of the major causes of accidents and accidental injuries. If your tenant has been drinking or taking drugs they may struggle to react to the smoke alarm quickly and often fall asleep when cooking or smoking.

NEEDING care or support – people are vulnerable for many different reasons but they can be less likely to be able to respond to a fire quickly and they may not be able to escape.

If you have a SHERMAN tenant please refer to your local Fire Service, most have a link on their web sites to do this.

To request a safe and well check within Lincolnshire please use https://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/home-fire-safety/request-safe-well-check/2

Or telephone 01476 565441 for our Community Fire Safety department.


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