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"Where we live defines who we are.
Poor housing is linked to poor health and reduces people’s life chances."

Linda Cobb Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions - Tenants

  • What happens during an inspection?

    A trained verifier will look in all rooms and communal areas of the property, including the basement if applicable, and any outside space.

    The verifier will be checking for a variety of things; … more

  • What does accreditation mean for me as a tenant?

    Renting a property from an accredited landlord is a good thing. It means that the landlord has voluntarily agreed to meet a set of standards, and they are keen to ensure that their property is safe … more

  • What is DASH Landlord Accreditation?

    DASH Landlord Accreditation is a voluntary accreditation scheme, run by DASH (Decent & Safe Homes), which aims to improve housing conditions in the private rented sector.

    When a landlord … more

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