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Nottingham Landlord faces court fine

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A Nottingham landlord has been fined more than £1,600 when his tenant fell down a dangerous staircase.

As reported by Ben Ireland in the Nottingham Post, landlord Andrew Watkinson, 50, of Kendrick Road, Mapperley, pleaded guilty to breaching a Prohibition Order made under the 2004 Housing Act.

Watkinson was ordered by Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, January 22, to pay a fine of £484 and costs of £1157.

The Nottingham City Council Community Protection’s environmental health team had previously served a notice on Watkinson in August 2012.

A follow-up visit by the council staff had found that the second floor, which was banned for rental, was still being used and had been let out to unsuspecting tenants.

These tenants had already had cause to go to A&E after a fall on what the council said was a dangerous staircase.

Martin Cooke, operational manager for environmental health has said: (READ MORE

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