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Landlord Law - Right of Access

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A question I am often asked at landlord forums up and down the country and during our DASH Landlord Accreditation workshops is...

'Can I legally enter the property if the tenant is not present?'


Our friends over at Landlord Law have written a wonderfully concise blog on this very topic which I though I would share with you.


Visit http://www.landlordlawblog.co.uk/2014/09/09/all-about-landlords-rights-to-go-into-their-tenants-property/?inf_contact_key=f280ed65ff2141cc79f2073e019d8359dd9238a260731ed30896006a7b9d84f3 and take a peak at this easy to read informative piece.


Hope you enjoy & feel free to contribute towards Tessa's post.

Linda - DASH Landlord Accreditation Manager

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