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Changes to Council Tax Support in Derby City

Following a public consultation regarding proposed changes to the Council Tax Support Scheme held between Friday 5th August 2016 and Friday 28th October 2016 the new scheme has been published and will commence from the 1st April 2017.

The changes mean that people of working age, claiming council tax support may not be entitled to as much financial assistance in 2017/18 and so will be responsible for a greater portion of their council tax bill. The new scheme does not affect pensioners as they are protected by separate legislation.

For any Council Tax payers affected by this, confidential help, support or advice is available from:

    • Derby Homes' Money Advice team on 01332 643395  (for Derby Homes tenants only)

    • The National Debtline on 0808 808 4000, or see the budgeting tools at https://www.nationaldebtline.org/#


Additionally, people in hardship can apply for Council Tax Hardship assistance at http://www.derby.gov.uk/advice-and-benefits/benefits/the-single-discretionary-award-scheme/


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