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How does DASH carry out property inspections safely during COVID-19?

Important COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information, regarding the inspection of your property/home by a DASH inspector

To ensure the safety of all persons and the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is minimised, effective communication and agreement needs to be reached between DASH, the tenant and landlord/ agent.

Preparing for and during the inspection visit

1.       When arranging the inspection with the landlord/ agent, DASH will confirm that neither party or any other persons attending site (i.e. contractors/agent) nor anybody living at the property is symptomatic or self-isolating/shielding. The inspection process will then be discussed in connection with COVID-19 Public Health England Guidance.

2.        Before entering the property, the inspector will confirm the situation is still the same and that no one is symptomatic, self–isolating or shielding. Any concerns or questions regarding the inspection should be raised at this point.

3.       Where possible, the landlord/ agent should remain outside the property, or in a ventilated room for the duration of the inspection.

4.        To manage the risk of infection, the inspection and collation of facts will be undertaken as quickly as possible especially within the property.

5.      Any subsequent conversations with any party will then be undertaken at the accommodation threshold, or outside and in accordance with social distancing guidelines, or by phone / email after the visit

6.      Co-operation from the tenant(s) and landlord(s) or their representatives is essential throughout the visit. Should anyone have any concerns as to their safety or that of others, during the visit, we would ask that you raise this with the inspector immediately. If any concerns are raised and cannot be addressed, the appointment may be rescheduled.

Tenants: It is the tenants’ responsibility to ensure the inspector can inspect the dwelling whilst keeping the relevant socially distance from any other person. We therefore ask that doors and windows in all rooms are opened and the property be ventilated prior to the inspector arriving. Lights should be switched on in any dimly lit areas. Any obstacles must be removed prior to the visit and furniture moved to reduce contact with fixtures and fittings. Wherever possible only one occupier should be present during the inspection. We would advise you use the links below and read the information.

Landlords: Where the inspection is to take place within a shared house or block of flats, you must advise all other residents of the inspection prior to the visit. You must also make sure that the common areas are free of obstruction. We would advise you use the links below and read the information.

Covid-19 guidance – web links: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-and-rentingguidance-for-landlords-tenants-and-local-authorities


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