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RIAMS Workshop with DASH

You are invited to attend a free DASH & RIAMS User Group in Nottingham City Council on 14 November 2019.


What is this event all about?

As one of the benefits of being a DASH subscriber, you have access to RIAMS, which, as you may have noticed, was extensively updated when it was relaunched earlier this year.


The RIAMS User Group programme has been designed to exhibit these recent changes, showcase upcoming developments to the platform and gather feedback from our valued subscribers. In the 2019-20 series, we will be talking extensively about the new website and the new features introduced. We will also be speaking about new RHE solutions, including our app division, new licencing services, e-Learning and more.


Why should you attend?

By attending this event, you can make sure that you continue to have the latest information on RHE services and make the most of your RIAMS subscription.


By providing your feedback on the developments we have made to services, you can help us prioritise development work effectively and directly influence the development of RIAMS.


We recommend that 2 or 3 individuals from each council attend but please note, this event is not a suitable replacement for RIAMS training.


This half-day programme is free to attend and will be hosted by Jonathan Williams, Sales and Support Manager and Ian Marriner, RIAMS Cheif Editor. Read the full event summary and timetable and book your place here.

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