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Criminal Procedures and Investigations

The Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act 1996 (CPIA) introduced significant changes to the investigative, administrative and prosecution practices and procedures relating to the recording, retention and disclosure of information and material to be used in criminal proceedings. Persons charged with a duty of conducting an investigation must have regard to the relevant provisions of the Codes of Practice of the Act to ensure that their actions are lawful and that there is no abuse of process. Cases are being lost more and more as a result of failure to comply with the requirements of The Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act 1996.

Course aim:

This course looks to take you through the requirements you will need for recording, retention and the disclosure of materials during your enforcement duties and criminal proceedings. To provide delegates with an understanding of the Act and its Codes of Practice and the implications of compliance with it whilst discharging their duties.


Who should attend?

Those persons involved in investigations which may result in criminal proceedings - Housing Standards Enforcment officers, HMO licensing teams, Environmental Health Officers, Trading Standards.

Course Content:

Introduction to the Act:

The Reasons for its implementation.

          The Requirements, effects & necessity to adhere to the Act.

          The Scope of the Act.

          Correlation between CPIA and PACE.

The Codes of Practice:

          Definition & explanation of a Criminal Investigation.

          Officer in Charge; Investigator; Disclosure Officer.

Recording of Information:


          Relevant Material & Information.

          Unused Material.

          Sensitive Material.

Retention of Material:



Disclosure of Material:

          The Attorney General’s Guidelines on Disclosure 2013.

          Disclosure Test.

          Initial Disclosure.

          Defence Statement.

          Secondary Disclosure.

          Continuing Duty.

          Schedules & Certification.

Course Fee: £85

Group rates for a minimum of 10 delegates or an in-house course can be negotiated.

Delegates will be issued with Continuing Professional Development certificates confirming their attendance on the course.

More information

Register your interest to attend the next training session or find out about a course for your team by calling Fiona England on 01332 641111 or email fiona.england@derby.gov.uk

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