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'Housing Intelligence for the East Midlands' (Hi4EM) supports councils working to improve housing conditions and energy efficiency. It focuses especially on the conditions for vulnerable households who own their own homes or rent from a private landlord.

Hi4EM gives support to organisations by sourcing, displaying and mapping a wide range of data relating to housing markets and private sector housing conditions.


More information

Hi4EM is hosted by Derby City Council and the scope of work they can contribute towards is vast - for more information about hi4em and the services it provides, visit the Hi4Em website https://hi4em.derby.gov.uk/

For more information contact John Parnham on Telephone 01332 643468 or via email: John.Parnham@derby.gov.uk

Latest Update 27th January 2016:

Message from John Parnham re: update on Hi4Em for Local Authorities in the East Midlands:

“….The new Hi4em website is available at https://hi4em.derby.gov.uk/ -  as we moved onto different software for the site, we thought it would be useful to move to a secure URL to improve the security for any sensitive or purchased data.   You’ll need to register afresh as we haven’t moved any user accounts across to the new system.  I’d be grateful when you register if you could use your work e-mail address as this will help us to organise the security on the site.  It’s also worth mentioning that that site works better with Google Chrome than with Internet Explorer – it will work with both but some functionality works better in Chrome.

The site is free to use for anyone in local government and there are no restrictions to the number of users from each Council so, feel free to mention it to any of your colleagues who you feel may benefit.  I’ve just been talking to Lyndsay Morris and have given her an update about some data that we’ve purchased from Experian that we hope to start loading onto the site shortly.

I hope that you find the new site useful.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you need any support or have any questions about the site……”


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